Welcome to the website of the Metropolitan Public Defender’s Office. We are pleased to offer this resource to our clients, their families, and the general public, and we hope the information you find here helps answer your questions. As the largest criminal defense law firm in Nashville, we strive to provide the best possible representation to our clients. As a public service agency, we also want to offer the best service to our community.

Beyond the information you find here, you should know that the entire Staff of the Public Defender’s Office takes great pride in the work we do. Our Mission is to provide zealous representation to our clients and to fight for equal justice for the indigent accused. We are truly honored to make the Sixth Amendment right to counsel a reality in Nashville. With all the problems in the criminal justice system today, we work to be one of the solutions.

We’re Hiring!

Social Work Program Manager 2

This is a non-Civil Service announcement. The Public Defender’s Office represents individuals accused of committing crimes in Davidson County who cannot afford to hire a lawyer. We utilize a client-centered approach – one that combines criminal defense representation with social services geared towards problem-solving and reducing recidivism. The Social Work Program Manager 2 is responsible for effectively leading and managing the Adult Division’s social service component in a manner consistent with the Office’s mission, vision and core principles.


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