Interns, Externs & Volunteer Opportunities

The Public Defender’s Office offers internship and volunteer opportunities for interested students. Law student interns can expect to perform a variety of tasks designed to give them practical experience and allow them exposure to the inner-workings of the criminal justice system. Law student interns, under the supervision of an Assistant Public Defender, may conduct client interviews, research and write legal memoranda, investigate cases, interview witnesses, observe negotiations with the District Attorney and observe other court proceedings. We host law student interns for approximately 10 weeks during the summer months. We host a limited number of law students during the school year.

Interested in an internship?

Please e-mail your resume, cover letter, transcript and a writing sample to Georgia Sims, Assistant Deputy Public Defender, at We also accept college and high school student volunteers. Our student volunteers perform more of the clerical functions within the office. However, the greatest value to these students is their unrestricted access to the attorneys. The student volunteers can expect an opportunity to shadow an attorney for a day. The shadowing experience is followed by a conversation with the attorney providing a detailed explanation of the proceedings they observed.

Interested in volunteering?

Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to Georgia Sims, Assistant Deputy Public Defender, at